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Reviews Pending

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I see the name of my project under the Reviews Pending Column on the left side of the screen. What does that mean?

I also noticed that my plan appears in red. Does that affect how quickly it will be done?

My plans was noted in red, now it appears in green.  What does that mean?

How about if it appears in blue?

My plan was paid for, yet it is not shown here, what do I do?

The Reviews Pending column under the navigation menu shows our clients what stage their project has reached. The projects are listed in the order in which they were received, which allows you to see how close to the top your project's plans are to being reviewed. If your project's name is at the top, it is the next one that will be reviewed, providing it has been paid for.

If your plan appears in a red color in the list, this means that the fee to review it is unpaid. Your plan will not be reviewed until the fee has been paid. If you fail to pay for the review of your plan before it reaches the top of the list, the next plan in line with a paid fee will be reviewed before your plan. When your payment is received, your plan will be reviewed in turn.

If your plan appears in green, your plan has been in our office more than 21 days (three calendar weeks), and remains unpaid.  Should the plan remain here unpaid for 30 days we will discard the plans, cancel the invoice, and void the project number in our files.

If your plan appears in blue, your plan has been reviewed and is awaiting re-submittal. This most likely indicates you will need to correct errors before your plan may be said to conform to code.  Resubmittal plans and calculations go immediately to the front of the line once we receive them, unless the fee is not paid.

If your submittal was accompanied by a check, and it is not on the Reviews Pending list, please check the completed reviews section, and see if it is noted there.



Reviews Pending

Review will not start
until fee is paid

    • 217242 Andalusia 4
    • 217248 RTF Bldg TI
    • 217251 Child. Ministry
    • 217252 Resurection Alarms
    • 217253 Whittington
    • 217256 Resurection A.S.
    • 217257 Vista De Fortuna UG
    • 217259 Thompson Res
    • 217260 Promenade @ Creekside
    • 217261 Brindle/Chaparral
    • 217262 Alpha Omega
    • 217265 Ali Baba Hood
    • 217266 Yao Guest
    • 217268 Paseo Delicias
    • 217272 Contreras Gar
    • 217273 Gogo Poke Hood
    • 217274 Hydrant - Wang
    • 217275 Stella/Halcyon Alarm
    • 217276 Home Swt Home Hood

  7 Pending Review - paid
  4 Waiting for Resubmittal
  7 Unpaid Pending Review
  1 Waiting for Info from Clients

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