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Expediting Plan Reviews

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I need a job done right away. How much does it cost to expedite my plan review?

Under no circumstances will Parsley Consulting take plan review work on an "expedited" basis. In our opinion "expedited" plan reviews have the taint of compromised objectivity, and are a very close example of a bribe.

Our policy has always been that we will perform such services on a "first in - first out" basis, as we feel this is the best way to be fair to all of our clients and the AHJ's we serve.

If you are going to send plans to us for review please keep in mind that we will not perform review services without the fees paid to us in advance. If we receive plans without the required fees we do not regard them as having been received until the fee is paid. At that time they are put in line for review and completed as quickly as is possible.

The best solution to obtaining your completed review as fast as is possible is to make sure that the proper fees accompany the submittal. Please click here to see our current plan review fee schedule. If you have any question about the total fees for a project please contact us before you submit.


Reviews Pending

Review will not start
until fee is paid

    • 217345 Vet Fam Hsng
    • 217346 Storage West
    • 217363 De La Torre
    • 217364 SFR
    • 217366 Ribich
    • 217370 Sohegan
    • 217373 Kelertas Res
    • 217374 Bolivar Res
    • 217375 Rancho Reposo Res
    • 217377 Spray Booth
    • 217378 Hong Res
    • 217379 Chch Nativity
    • 217380 Fluegge Res
    • 217381 Shogun Hood
    • 217382 L&A Guest
    • 217383 Baker TI
    • 217384 La Plateada
    • 217385 Snyder
    • 217386 Estancia
    • 217387 Holyoak
    • 217388 El Brazo
    • 217389 RadOnc TI
    • 217390 Hobbit House
    • 217391 Storequest
    • 217392 Scripps 4S TI
    • 217393 Gibson Res
    • 217394 Henry Avacado

12 Pending Review - paid
  4 Waiting for Resubmittal
11 Unpaid Pending Review
0 Waiting for Info from Clients

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