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Completed Reviews

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My plan doesn't appear in the Reviews Pending column. How will I know when your review of my plan is complete?

When the review of a plan is completed, it is moved from the Reviews Pending column to the Completed Reviews page. You can find a link to the Completed Reviews page in the left column navigation menu. The Completed Reviews section has a convenient search tool that will allow you to enter the name of your project to search for its review results.

Additionally, plan review results are faxed or e-mailed to all submitters the day plan review is completed.

Please read the fax or e-mail carefully, as it contains important information concerning the review results and any concerns related to your plan(s).


Reviews Pending

Review will not start
until fee is paid

    • 218115 Bosstick B
    • 218116 Fitzpatrick
    • 218127 Modern Times
    • 218130 Springhill Stes
    • 218132 Morgan Stanley
    • 218139 Silvergate TI
    • 218147 Citron Townhomes
    • 218149 Baker Residence
    • 218152 D'Alessandro
    • 218153 Mestovas
    • 218154 Avenida Calma
    • 218155 Los Arboles

Pending Review - paid
6 Waiting for Resubmittal
3 Unpaid Pending Review
1 Waiting for Info from Clients

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